I am a biologist and ecologist interested in palaeoecology. I like doing research in long-term ecosystem changes covering various time scales in Quaternary, studying processes that are beyond direct observation and experimentation.

My main research questions include how changing climate affected terrestrial ecosystem dynamics and migration of plants, and how various natural and anthropogenic disturbances contributed to vegetation dynamics.


Trelde klint
Leaf of Quercus (oak) found in an old interglacial varved sediment at Trelde klint [see published article]

A project funded by Carlsberg foundation (2009-2010) aimed to revise the terrestrial interglacial stratigraphy and palaeoenvironments in Denmark as was the topic of my postdoc at Aarhus University.

Human impact and modern vegetation analogues of pre-agricultural period


A topic connecting parts of my Ph.D. We used present vegetation in Southern Siberia as a modern analogue to interpret ecosystems of the last glacial in Central Europe. The analogue hypothesis is based on biogeographical and climatological links. We studied modern pollen spectra related to present vegetation, which we correlated with fossil pollen using several numerical techniques.