Interglacial vegetation dynamics

Leaf of Quercus
Leaf of Quercus (oak) found in an old interglacial varved sediment at Trelde klint.

I started with this topic as a postdoc under the project funded by the Carlsberg Foundation (2009-2010). This project aimed at revising the terrestrial interglacial stratigraphy and palaeoenvironments in Denmark, initially suggesting only three main interglacial phases. We discovered and described a new interglacial sedimentary record, dated it and compared with other European sequences. When looking at the ecosystem dynamics within several interglacial sequences, we found an interesting common pattern in their evolution driven mainly by long-term changes in the soil.

An extensive database of interglacial records collected within the project further served for new scientific aims within the IGNEX project (lead by John Birks at the University of Bergen).