Leaf of Quercus (oak) found in old interglacial varved sediment

The project funded by Carlsberg foundation (2009-2010) aimed to revise the terrestrial interglacial stratigraphy and palaeoenvironments in Denmark as was the topic of my postdoc at Aarhus University.

According to classical stratigraphical scheme there are only three interglacials, the Eemian, the Holsteinian and the Harreskovian. Hence, marine record suggests a series of about eight interglacials for the last 800.000 years. The project therefore includes palynological studies of a suite of newly discovered interglacial sites supplemented with analysis of other sedimentary proxies. Finally these will be correlated with a number of Central European interglacial sequences with an attempt to determine main pattern in ecosystem changes by numerical analyses and comparisons.

Read some papers on this topic (more in my publications):